Vindex Evercrop RC™

The original ‘close to natural’ growing environment, Vindex Evercrop RC™ ensures comprehensive protection from rain, hail, birds, insects and wind with integral netted ventilation. Specified for high value stone fruit crops such as cherries and apricots, Vindex advanced cover materials provide over twice the mechanical strength of standard polythene and offer valuable diffused light transmission along with numerous proven benefits to help growers maximise production yields sustainably.

Stable Microclimates
Continuous integral venting within the cover system provides a highly stable microclimate for fruit production without compromising damage protection from insects and birds.

Available Growing Height
A growing height of up to 4mtrs reduces the pruning requirement retaining valuable crop yield potential.

Reduced Spraying Costs
Vindex Covered Headlands are frequently specified as an addition to existing tunnels or part of new self-supported systems to promote healthy airflow whilst reducing labour costs by allowing machinery to move unhindered by continual opening and closing of doors.

Reduced Overwintering Costs
Vx Quickfurl™ with integral overwinter cover and clips significantly improves furling times. Vindex can provide overwintering services to all growers using bespoke machinery that enables the operation to be completed swiftly and in most conditions.

Unrestricted Growing Environments
Clear and consistent 4mtr internal clearance enables valuable airflow across the orchard, drastically reducing humidity and temperature spikes associated with many polythene tunnel systems.

Efficient Maintenance
Labour requirements through the year are vastly reduced with integral venting and Vx Quickfurl overwintering feature.

Reduced Installation Costs
Vindex policy of continuous improvement in design and process has reduced install labour hours by over 25% since 2013.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Continual design and component improvements have reduced periodic but essential wire tensioning of the cover system to less than 10 hours per hectare annually (3 man team with standard width orchards)

Improved Environmental Benefit
Vindex Evercrop utilises the unique Enviro Brown reinforced 12/18w concrete posts which blend in with surrounding landscape for an unobtrusive installation. Vindex post markers enable growers to mark row numbers and fruit varieties.

Structural Support Layouts

Vindex self-supported Raincover systems are designed to accommodate most orchard crop row spacing within standard post and wire frame layouts saving growers money and providing assurance for the long term with proven products.

S1-24 Single row orchards with row spacing 2.5 to 4.0mtrs
12/18w reinforced Enviro brown concrete posts, 4mtr above ground with Vx 4 way caps, Vx ANCON 400/coded wire anchor system, Xtrawire 4 x 1 and Vx WR5719 cross wires.

S2-57 Two row orchards with 5.0 to 7.5mtr centres
12/18w reinforced Enviro brown concrete posts, 4mtr above ground with Vx 4 way caps, Vx ANCON 400/coded wire anchor system, Xtrawire 4 x 1 + Vx WP4510 x 2 with Vx end T-bars and WR5719 cross wires.

S1-35 Single row orchards with row spacing 3.25 to 3.5mtrs
For use with multi-row sprayers. 12/18w reinforced Enviro brown concrete posts with each 3rd post up to 4.8 mtr above ground (intermediate posts 3mtr above ground), Vx 4 way caps, Vx ANCON 400/coded wire anchor system, Xtrawire 4 x 1 and Vx WR5719 cross wires.

SM-24 Multi-row plantations for soft/bush fruit with row spacing 2.4 to 4.0mtrs
8/18w reinforced Enviro brown concrete posts, 3.5mtr above ground with Vx 4 way caps, Vx ANCON 300/coded wire anchor system, Xtrawire 4 x 1 and Vx WR5719 cross wires.

Stone / Soft Fruit Crop Protection Cover Types

Advanced cover products developed with internationally recognised manufacturers specifically for Vindex and the UK fruit grower sector to provide maximum effectiveness and durability at a competitive price.

BG500 (+N)
PT46D Raincover with quick furl ‘zigzag’ tension system and TN25 or TX50 Tri-Net Overhead Netting installed above.

Vx ‘Strip-net’ Raincover for single or two-row planting layout where total overhead net coverage is not required but gaps between covers are protected with any net options for either bird and/or SWD protection.

System Options

Vindex systems can be specified as complete installations or additions to existing tunnels. From fixed and roll-up vertical border protection to powered door systems and covered headlands, Vindex specialist solutions are designed with the same professionalism and focus on maximum crop yield and cost effective use of labour.

B06 Vx Border Netting
Angled side netting that requires furling for 6mth overwintering.

RM100T Vx Roll-Up Door System – Manual crank
End door system with manual crank roll-up for Tri-Net only (up to 100mtr sections).

RE050S Vx Roll-Up Door System - Powered
End door system with powered winder and remote key fob activation for all netting types including GS99 Green-screen.

TW3 Trellis Growing Wire / Tree Planting Systems
This will typically involve 3 growing wires at 0.65m/1.65m/2.65m from ground and extra lower coded anchor wire installed.

B12 Vx Permanent Border Netting
Vertical side netting for permanent all year round protection.

RC050S Vx Roll-Up Door System – Chain Winder
End door system with chain winder roll-up for all net types and ‘Green-screen’ (up to 50mtr sections)

CH63 Vx Covered Headlands
End cover system for all netting types with a 5/6mtr clear turning headland space, 3.5mtr clear height and 1 or 2 access doors.