Vindex Profruit™

For improved growing environments within existing tunnel installations, Vindex Profruit™ is a range of retro-fitted systems that provide many of the benefits of our self-supporting products with the economic use of your existing cover. Through listening to the customer and applying our extensive experience and product development to the enhancer range we can offer the following key benefits.

Stable Microclimates
Create a much closer-to-outdoor growing environment by reducing temperature spikes and overall humidity without compromising damage protection from insects and birds.

Available Growing Height
A growing height of up to 4mtrs reduces the pruning requirement retaining valuable crop yield potential.

Improved Spray Coverage
Vindex Profruit™ unique post structure design provides clear airflow across the complete cropping area for improved spray coverage especially from left to right.

Zero-labour Venting
Continuous integral venting within the cover system provides a highly stable microclimate for fruit production with our continuous vent strip covers or auto 10/20 chimney venting system.

Increased Air Volume
Vindex shallow pitched roof design is more aerodynamic and creates far more even temperatures across the whole cropping area without having to install taller and more vulnerable tunnels to achieve the required air volumes.

Efficient Maintenance
Labour requirements through the year are vastly reduced with integral venting and Vx Quickfurl overwintering feature.

Improved Picking Conditions
Effective venting reduces your labour requirements during the growing season and greatly improves picking conditions during harvest.

Advanced Raincover Material
With over twice the mechanical strength of standard polythene and improved diffused light transmission along with appropriate netting protection and sealable venting.

Existing Structure Types to suit Enhancer System Installation

Vindex Profruit™ optimises the effectiveness of your existing tunnels with no structural compromise using specialist design components and fittings where the majority of fruit crop tunnels are based on the following types.

ET35R Hoops / Ridge Bar
For 35mm, 40mm or 50mm tube section tunnel hoops at 6m to 8m span widths with 2m to 2.5m leg spacing and tube ridge bars already fitted.

ET35W Hoop / Ridge Wire
For 35mm, 40mm or 50mm tube section tunnel hoops at 6m to 8m span widths with 2m to 2.5m leg spacing with a ridge top wire fitted between end brace ridge bars.

Enhancer System Types

From detailed assessment of your covers and their respective cropping regime, our consultants will advise on the most cost effective version of our retro-fit systems to achieve the ventilation and protection you need.

RT1RV Max Enhancer System (single row stone fruit)
Providing maximum air flow and air volume within your existing tunnels, Profruit™ in RT1RV format replaces the polythene skin with our BG500 Raincover fitted with a continuous ridge vent and full netting protection.

RTMRS Max Enhancer System (multi-row soft fruit)
Multi-row soft fruit presents a variety of challenges for tunnel growing environments and our highly innovative RTMRS configuration addresses these comprehensively. By installing an additional support structure through the centre of the existing tunnels the Profruit™ cover system can incorporate all of the high specification features of our self-supporting version including sealable venting, storm flap, rain and hail protection, SWD netting protection with maximum max air flow and air volume from a clear environment across the orchard.

RT2CV Mid Enhancer System (2-row stone fruit)
For established tunnel systems where the polythene skin is not due for replacement, Vindex RT2CV provides a reliable and highly cost effective means of venting from high level with our Vx auto 10/20 ‘chimney’ vents installed with the framework. The units are fitted with netting protection.

System Options

Vindex systems can be specified as complete installations or additions to existing tunnels. From fixed and roll-up vertical border protection to powered door systems and covered headlands, Vindex specialist solutions are designed with the same professionalism and focus on maximum crop yield and cost effective use of labour.

B06 Vx Border Netting
Angled side netting that requires furling for 6mth overwintering.

RM100T Vx Roll-Up Door System – Manual crank
End door system with manual crank roll-up for Tri-Net only (up to 100mtr sections).

RE050S Vx Roll-Up Door System - Powered
End door system with powered winder and remote key fob activation for all netting types including GS99 Green-screen.

TW3 Trellis Growing Wire / Tree Planting Systems
This will typically involve 3 growing wires at 0.65m/1.65m/2.65m from ground and extra lower coded anchor wire installed.

B12 Vx Permanent Border Netting
Vertical side netting for permanent all year round protection.

RC050S Vx Roll-Up Door System – Chain Winder
End door system with chain winder roll-up for all net types and ‘Green-screen’ (up to 50mtr sections)

CH63 Vx Covered Headlands
End cover system for all netting types with a 5/6mtr clear turning headland space, 3.5mtr clear height and 1 or 2 access doors.

SM-24 Multi-row plantations for soft/bush fruit with row spacing 2.4 to 4.0mtrs
8/18w reinforced Enviro brown concrete posts, 3.5mtr above ground with Vx 4 way caps, Vx ANCON 300/coded wire anchor system, Xtrawire 4 x 1 and Vx WR5719 cross wires.