Vindex Tresco™

Wind is well known to be one of the major inhibitors of healthy plant growth and storms frequently inflict terrible damage to tunnels and crops. While a natural windbreak can take many years to develop Vindex Tresco™ enables growers to provide effective protection right from day one.

Our experience with crop protection products has led to the development of highly effective windbreak and screening barrier systems. Unique to Vindex is the Ancon anchor and tensioning systems using either 12/18w reinforced concrete or 20 year guaranteed wooden posts for the vertical support structure and custom manufactured protection material according to wind, insect, dust or screening protection required.

Vindex artificial windbreak/screening systems require minimal maintenance and can be installed up to 5.3mtrs high, while our natural tree screening windbreaks can grow to over 12mtrs tall for the protection of larger areas. These can be combined with artificial windbreaks for quicker establishment growing at up to 4mtrs per year!

Structural Support Options

Using the same proven anchoring and wire support system from Vindex overhead cover systems the choice of post type will often be determined by ground conditions, location and prevailing winds.

S5-E11 4m Height - Concrete Post System
A high level system using Vindex Tri-Net™ TN25 or TX50 with 18w reinforced Enviro brown concrete posts at 4m centres, Vx 4 way caps, Vx ANCON 300/ twin coded wire anchor system and Xtrawire 4 x 3 / Vx WP5610 top wire.

S6-W13 5m Height – Timber Post System
Our maximum height system using 11/13 timber posts with the same 20 yr guarantee and 4m centres. Vx ANCON 300/ twin coded wire anchor system and Xtrawire 4 x 3 / Vx WP5610 top wires are also used.

S5-W11 4m Height – Timber Post System
For use with all Vindex Crop Establishment Screen types at high level on our 20 yr guaranteed 09/11 timber posts at 4m centres with Vx ANCON 300 twin coded wire anchor system and Xtrawire 4 x 3 / Vx WP5610 top wire.

Crop Establishment Screen Types

Long experience in crop protection innovation ensures that the most effective and durable materials are used on Tresco™ systems. Our consultants will be pleased to advise on the specification that best suits your application.

PW58 Paraweb
Heavy duty high level system. 58% wind protection. Available in black or green.

TX50 Tri-Net Xtra™
High-level system. 50% wind protection

TN25 Tri-Net™
High-level system. 25% wind protection

GS99 Green-screen™
High-level system. 99% wind protection. Frost protection, dust protection, visual screening and shade provision.